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  • Are you open all year round?
    Yes! We mainly service hot tubs in the colder months, although we do have some indoor pools as wel!
  • Do you service aboveground pools?
    Unfortunately we only service resideintal inground pools at this time. We do sell a variety of different aboveground pool kits and parts that we would be more than happy to source for you.
  • How much does service cost?
    Please call our office for price details 905-857-1188
  • How long do I have to wait to swim after adding water care products?
    Not long, we recommend waiting about 15 minutes to ensure the products are thouroughly dissolved. However wait at least 6 hours after adding shock to the pool.
  • Do I need to shock my pool every week?
    Yes. Shock helps disinfect your water, keeping it free of algae and build-up by killing the organisms left over by your sanitizer.
  • Do I still need to use water care products if I have a salt water pool?
    Yes. Salt water pools produce chlorine to keep your water sanitized. This means you will still need to keep your PH, alkalinity and calcium balanced by adding the appropriate products according to your levels. Keeping up with weekly shocking treatments is also important.
  • Do you sell pool toys?
    Yes! We have a large variety of pool toys, floats and accessories at our store located at 365 Healey Road unit 8 in Bolton.
  • What is the difference between a safety cover and a winter cover?
    Winter Cover: A winter cover uses a thinner material which is secured with waterbags along the perimeter of the pool or installed into an existing track. Safety Cover: Safety covers -- also known as elephant covers -- use a sturdy material designed to support heavy weight. They are pulled taut across the pool and secured by attaching straps to bolts installed into the ground
  • I have been adding all the necessary water care products, why does my water keep going green?"
    If you find you are continually experiencing algae even after doubling up on shock, brushing and cleaning your filter, you may have a phosphate problem. With high levels of phosphates in the water, algae can grow quickly. We recommend coming in at our store located at 365 Healey Road Unit 8 to recieve a water test and products designed to keep phosphates under control!
  • What is stabilizer and do I need it?
    Stabilizer contains cyanuric acid designed to help maintain chlorine levels in your pool water. Think of it like sunscreen for your chlorine. By having stabilizer in your water, you help keep the sanitizer in the water and keep your pool clean! TIP: Make sure you are putting your stabilizer into your skimmer and not directly into your pool. Stabilizer added directly to the pool water can cause bleaching of the liner.
  • How often should I drain and clean my hot tub?
    You should aim to complete a drain and clean for your hot tub every 3-4 months at least. This will help keep your tub fresh and clean for optimal bather experience.
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