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How to keep your pool algae free

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

We're giving you all the tips on how to keep your water algae free this summer

With all the heat we're experiencing this summer, it's even more important to stay on top of your pool's water chemistry to keep the algae at bay. Here's our top 5 tips to clear water:

1. Ensure your filtration system is in working order:

Proper filtration in your pool is essential to maintain the health of your water. Circulation allows for water care products to flow through your pool and keep everything balanced. Regularly checking your skimmer and pump baskets will help keep water flow optimal as well as ensuring you filter stays clear. This can be done by backwashing if you have a sand filter and ensuring cartridges are free of debris for cartridge filters.

2. Maintain your weekly sanitizer and shock treatments:

One of the most important steps in keeping algae at bay is ensuring sanitizer is in your pool at all times. Allowing chlorine levels in your pool to get too low, allows for algae to grow and become noticeable on pool surfaces likes lights, walls and steps. Whether you use pucks or are on salt, chlorine in the water helps kill algae before it becomes an eye sore. Chlorine levels within your pool should consistently be within 2-4 parts per million (ppm). To keep track of your levels, Frisco Pools offers in-house water testing!

Shock is another weekly maintenance step that is crucial in keeping your water crystal clear. Shock acts as an oxidizer, killing off any parts in your pool that your sanitizer might have missed. We recommend doubling up on your weekly shock dosages when temperatures rise and humidity hits. Algae grows quickly, and it grows even quicker when exposed to heat.

3. Using an algaecide:

Using an algaecide as part of your weekly maintenance is another great way to stop algae before it makes an appearance in your pool. At Frisco Pools we offer a range of algaecide products designed to offer great results. For weekly maintenance, we recommend Bioguard's Polyguard; a product designed to inhibit and prevent algae in both chlorinated and bromine pools.

4. Brush your pool surfaces:

Getting yourself a proper brush for your pool is important. When algae makes an appearance in your pool it becomes covered by a protective layer-- brushing exposes the algae and allows for the water care products to do their job. Sometimes algae can be hiding around light fixtures, on walls and even your steps, so be sure to hit all of these target areas prior to adding the necessary chemicals.

5. Check for phosphates:

There are many ways phosphates can enter your pool. One of the most common our customers experience come from having many plants or trees around their pool or even being located near rural farming areas. They can also enter your pool from dust, debris and even sweat and oils from our bodies. With high amounts of phosphates in your pool, algae can become a real problem. At Frisco Pools, we always have products on hand to keep algae away!

Come into our store located at 365 Healey Road for all the water care you need to keep your pool algae free!

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